Sunday, February 22, 2015

Some Saturday Happenings & Marathon Training: Week 7 Recap

We're just a little over 2 months away from Marathon day! I feel like my training plan is split into three parts, and this past week was the start of part 2. My weekday runs are increasing in milage, and I'm playing around more with speed work and tempo runs.

Week 7 recap: 

Sunday: Rest; Monday: Spin - 50 minutes; Tuesday: 6 speedy treadmill miles; Wednesday: 4 easy treadmill miles; Thursday: 4 tempo treadmill miles; Friday: Rest; Saturday: 12 outdoor miles.

On a side note, I haven't ran 26 miles in one week since September, 2013.

On Sunday, I ran 12 miles outside. My plan only required me to run 10, but I was feeling ambitious. We'll see if that was a mistake. Lots of foam rolling today! I ran 12 miles two weeks ago in a 9:54 average pace, and yesterday was 9:39. Progress! Next weekend is a 15 miler. I may be panicking about that run all week long. 

Pre-run picture. I can take on winter! 

Some post run eats. The only good thing about running in the winter is warm chicken noodle soup...

After my run, I had a much needed hair appointment. I haven't had my hair done since before Christmas! Since this winter is breaking down my soul, I lightened my hair to make it feel more like Spring. My hairdresser (since I was 16!) did another perfect job! 

It snowed again on Saturday night (what else is knew). It actually is pretty when you don't have to go anywhere, but unfortunately I needed to drive home from my parents' house. That 25 minute ride took an hour and ten. Thanks, Mother Nature...

And I made a really great shoe choice. I keep pretending it's Spring, and it most definitely is not...

How far did you run this weekend? 

What's the weather like where you are? 

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