Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Drowning My Sorrows In Sweat & A New Training Journal

Happy Wednesday! I did not get into the NYC Marathon yesterday (only 14,000 of 80,000 applicants were selected for the lottery), so I'm drowning my sorrows in an early morning workout.

I started this week off with PLENTY of food. The best way to start off a rest day Sunday is with a hearty breakfast. Everything is better with a omelets...

On Monday, I did a 55 minute Spin workout. I'm working on strengthening my hips, so I did lots of hills. 

After my Spin workout, I made an effort to do more strength work. Between the hills and squats, my legs were just a little bit sore for my early morning run on Tuesday morning. 6.5 miles (1 hour) of speed work. Every other .25 miles were speedy (8:41 - 8:57) with .25 miles of recovery (9:13) in between... 

Post workout snacks lately include lots of apples and protein... 

I had a little surprise in the mail the other day - Lauren Fleshman's Training Journal! I sorta use this blog as a training journal, but I'm old school and love writing things down. Remember when we used to use pencils and pens? :) 

Do you use a training journal? 

Did you get in the NYC Marathon?!

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