Sunday, March 8, 2015

Getting Through A Tough Run & Marathon Training: Week 9 Recap

Happy Sunday! 48 days until the big Marathon! My training has been going REALLY well, so I kept asking myself, when am I going to have that not so great run? Well, it happened. I'm almost relieved, because at the rate I was going, the bad run was going to come on Marathon day.

Everyone needs a bad run here and there during a training cycle. It makes you mentally tougher. I knew before I left my apartment that my run was not going to be my best. The main reason was weather conditions. It was actually beautiful outside, but Thursday's snow left the sidewalks and streets covered in mounds of snow, ice and slush. I honestly felt like I was running an obstacle course and not an "easy" long run. I was forced to run on the streets for part of my run, and the cars were not taking too kindly to me. It was kinda stressful (and a tad unsafe). I was even beeped at once.

Also, after weeks of freezing temps, I forgot how "warm" 32 degrees is. I was warm after a mile, but then when I wasn't in the sun, the windchill was very cold. Mother Nature was bi-polar Saturday morning. Lastly, I felt a tad lethargic this past week and am definitely low on Iron. I also didn't have my trusty pre-long run dinner of sushi with lots of rice.

Obviously none of the above was ideal, and I'm glad it's over. But I completed the 16 miles. I stopped for 90 seconds to stretch and eat a GU after mile 8 and once more for another 90 seconds and GU packet after mile 12, telling myself I only have 3.99 miles to go. It was a humbling run, and I figure if I got through it with all the above issues, 18 miles in 2 weeks in what hopefully will be Spring weather should be great. That's what I keep telling myself :)

Average pace: 9:55 (I miraculously stayed under 10 minute miles. Still not sure how).

Week 9 recap: 

Sunday: Rest; Monday: Spin - 55 minutes; Tuesday: 6.5 speedy treadmill miles; Wednesday: 5.5 medium effort treadmill miles; Thursday: 4 easy treadmill miles; Friday: Rest; Saturday: 16 DIFFICULT outdoor miles.

Weekly total: 32 miles (most in one week ever - time to foam roll for the rest of the day). 

As I said above, on Friday night, I did not stick with my trusty pre-run meal. My family and I went to an event, and while the food was great and I inhaled those potatoes, I needed more carbs. I also may have had a drink or three. No more drinking the night before!

On Saturday after my run, I visited friends and family and we watched the Bestie's wedding video again. I may watch it once a month for the rest of my life. That was such a fun night...

I haven't eaten red meat in a really long time and knew my body needed it, so I enjoyed a yummy steak Saturday night. 

And then fro-yo because Spring is coming and I ran 16 miles and I wanted it :) PS, I tried the fro-yo place within walking distance to my apartment, and it's so good! I will probably be here once a week. And they had 101 toppings...


Have a great Sunday, everyone! Hope you remembered to set your clocks ahead :) 

On a scale of 1-10, how difficult was your run this weekend? 

Do anything fun on Friday and/or Saturday? 

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