Sunday, March 22, 2015

I Ran 18 Miles To Welcome Spring & Marathon Training: Week 11 Recap

Good morning, everyone! With only 34 days left until the Marathon, I am feeling really great with my training.

Rewind to Thursday - I did my easy run on the gym treadmill alternating the incline to 2% every other .25 miles. The rest of the time, my incline was at 1%. Here's a Did You Know for you: I always thought a 1% incline mimicked outdoor running, but unless you're running a 7:09 pace or faster (I am most definitely not), the incline doesn't matter. You can read the article here. I still like having a little challenge for my legs, but if I get tired and bring the incline down to .5%, I no longer feel like I'm hurting my running form, legs, etc.

My headphones wouldn't work before this run, so I ran all 4.5 miles with no media whatsoever. A definite first for me. I did a lot of people watching and deep thinking. 

On Friday, I did my usual rest day thing and ate my trusty sushi for dinner. If it isn't broken, don't fix it... 

I guess Mother Nature wasn't ready to leave Winter behind on the first day of Spring. It started snowing Friday morning and didn't stop until the wee hours on Saturday. Even though Saturday's forecast was positive, I knew this was going to complicate my long run. 

On Saturday morning, I waited a little while to let the snow melt and then headed to the park. Well, the park's path was nonexistent, so I panicked for 3 minutes and then decided to drive down to my parents' town to run (they live about 30 minutes away). I didn't start my run until about 11:40. Not ideal when you have 18 miles planned. 

My run went really well. I felt strong throughout most of it. I fueled at miles 4.5, 9 and 13. My one mistake was that I wore my heavier jacket and was warm by mile 2. I also ran out of water. I planned my route so I ended up back at my parents' house at mile 13. I took a 3 minute break to refill my water bottle, fuel up and ditch my jacket. Then I went out and ran the last 5 miles. Only one super long run left in this training cycle! Time is just flying by. 

Week 11 recap: 

Sunday: Rest; Monday: Spin - 53 minutes; Tuesday: 7 treadmill miles; Wednesday: 6.5 medium effort treadmill miles; Thursday: 4.5 medium effort treadmill miles (no media!); Friday: Rest; Saturday: 18 outdoor miles.

Weekly total: 36 miles

After my run, I eventually made it back to my town and went straight to Trader Joe's. Advice: Don't go grocery shopping after running for almost 3 hours. You will buy a lot of food you probably don't need...

I did try this chicken burrito for the first time, and it was really good. Not my normal long run recovery dinner, but it did the job...

And of course, because it's the weekend, and I went running, and red wine has antioxidants, and I wanted to...

How did you welcome in Spring this weekend? 

How far did you run? 

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