Friday, March 13, 2015

I Think I'm Ready For A Tough Mudder & End Of The Week Workouts

Happy Friday! I hope you were able to wake up as comfortably as Stella girl. She sleeps like this all night long by the way.

Recapping the workouts from the end of the work week: 

Wednesday's workout was 5.5 miles on the treadmill. I didn't foam roll/stretch as much as I should have this week, and I definitely felt it during this workout. I also had to use a different model treadmill than my usual treadmill as all the hardcore cross-fitters were doing their .25 mile sprints. I'm not sure if it was the treadmill or my tired legs, but this was a tough workout. I was not running that fast, and even a .5 incline felt challenging. Note to self: Get more than 5 hours of sleep during the week from now until Marathon day.

On Thursday, I forced myself to get outside. Vitamin D is good for the soul. Since most of the snow has melted, I went back to my trusty park to run one loop. Thursdays are my "easy" run days, and this run again felt a little more challenging than it probably should have. The wind was intense and there were still a few icy patches that I had to side jump around. 

4.5 miles - average pace still ended up in the "easy" zone...

And I felt pretty awesome when I took off my shoes and saw the mud I ran through soaked all the way through. Maybe I'm ready for a tough mudder? 

Post run eats. I eat a lot of Greek yogurt, but I tend to stick to the nonfat stuff even though I know that's dumb. Everyone will tell you that 2% or even full fat yogurt is better for you as it keeps you full and isn't processed. I'm slowly working on changing my habits...

My ProCompression socks arrived, and I love them so much I'm about to buy three more pairs....

I tried out this new to me restaurant on Thursday night, and I'm so glad I liked it because it's right next door to my apartment. Wine, beer and Italian food within walking distance for the win. 

Are you a fan of greek yogurt? I can only eat it with fruit of some sort. I cannot get used to plain greek yogurt no matter how many times I try it. 

How did your workouts go this week? 

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