Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weekday Running Outside & Staying Mentally And Physically Healthy

It's Tuesday night which basically means it's Wednesday which basically means it's the weekend. Yup, that's how I roll.

First the workouts...

I was a tad nervous about working out post 18 miles. I foam rolled a whole lot on Sunday and started my spin workout Monday morning nice and easy. I started to throw in hills after about 15 minutes of light resistance. It turned into a great session of fast sprinting and slow hill climbing. And I got to wear my new spin shoes for the first time! I love them. I've worn spin shoes at Soul Cycle before, so I wasn't too surprised with how great they felt, but I'm very happy to be an official Spinner...

On Tuesday, I had a dentist appointment so I was able to run in the early morning sunshine beforehand. Spring is being a little shy right now, but I'll take 30 degrees in sun over the treadmill any day. The only complaint was that after Saturday's run, today probably should have been a tad easier (AKA flatter), but since I ran outside on my normal street route, there were lots of hills. Eh well - hills make us stronger :)

The all important "I can only think about what I'm going to eat for breakfast when running" post run meal...

And I've been eating tons of sweet potatoes lately. I buy the bag from TJ's and sometimes I find baby potatoes inside. 3 babies = 1 normal potato, right??

I try not to spend too much time chatting about serious issues here - that's what running is for - but I think it's good to check in once in a while. I'm sure someone out there has gone through or is currently going through something similar, so it's good to share. 

I can't explain in one post how happy I am with my fitness level/body/mental state right now, but I'll try. A little over two years ago, I was in a pretty unhealthy place. I spent all my time and energy turning my body into something it wasn't meant to be. I didn't care that I was underweight, cold all the time, so tired I couldn't get through workouts, etc. I had signed up for the Marine Corp Marathon in 2013, but was told by my doctor if I tried to hit those high milage runs in my current state, I was almost certain to suffer from stress fractures, and as I said above, I was so tired that the idea of running for 3-4 hours was not too appealing. I did run a Half Marathon right around the time I started this blog, but I walked a lot of it. My running game was suffering and it took me up until this past winter to build myself back up from all the damage.

I have definitely gained some much needed weight in the past year plus a little extra (yes, some people do gain weight marathon training because you are hungry ALL THE TIME), but I'm not crying myself to sleep at night over it. Quite the opposite actually, because this body ran 18 miles last Saturday - something I didn't really know if I could ever do. I feel strong. When I'm hungry, I eat. I don't tell myself, "You're not really hungry. Go for a walk and chew a piece of gum." (I'm almost embarrassed to admit this was my answer to a rumbling stomach for a full year). I may not be the skinniest, but I learned that skinny doesn't necessarily make you happy. Doing what you love for as long as you possibly can is what makes people happy. And I plan to run for a long, long time.

Have a nice week, friends. Make sure you do what makes you happy :)

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