Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Birthday Dinner & Marathon Training: Week 15 Recap

The Marathon is only one week away! I cannot believe it's actually the week of the race. It really has not hit me yet. But it better register soon because I have some hardcore carb-loading/stretching/strategizing to do this week.

In news no one cares about but me, I FINALLY have a race day outfit. Hallelujah.

My last run of 25 is complete, and it was a hot one! I will NOT complain about warm weather, but I will say that if race day is in the 60's, I may be in trouble. Mid-60 degree weather is not that warm, but there was very little breeze and the sun was shining. After training all winter, it's definitely a shock to the system. I wanted one last hard workout before the race, so I ran most of the 8 miles close to race pace or a tad faster. Mile 8 was my fastest at 9:06 which made me pretty happy. I'm feeling really good about next week!

Week 15 recap: 

Sunday: Rest; Monday: Spin - 55 minutes + strength training; Tuesday: 6 easy/medium-ish effort treadmill miles; Wednesday: 4 speedy treadmill miles; Thursday: 3 easy effort treadmill miles; Friday: Rest; Saturday: 8 outdoor miles.

Weekly total: 21 miles

Spring has definitely sprung here in NJ. It was so beautiful to see the trees in full bloom, and there were a ton of runners/bikers out at the park...

After my run, I went and got my hair done. I'm back to blonde just in time for my birthday! I really missed my lighter hair...

On Saturday night, I went out with some friends to celebrate my birthday a tad early. I really wanted Mexican food and a large margarita, so we went to Plaza Tapatia in Asbury Park. The food was so authentic and delicious! 

I'm very lucky to have such great friends :) 

Have a wonderful, restful Sunday! 

How did your run/workout go this weekend? 

What food/drinks have you been craving lately? 

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