Sunday, April 5, 2015

I Finished My Longest Training Run & Marathon Training: Week 13 Recap

I did it! Saturday's 20 miler was the most difficult run of my life. I knew it was going to be a tough one. The temperature was perfect, the sun was shining, and there were 35 mph wind gusts (Mother Nature has an odd sense of humor). I decided to run a 4-ish mile loop of my favorite park 5 times. The first two miles of each loop were into the wind and uphill and the second two miles were with the wind to my back. It made for some pretty interesting splits (i.e - Mile 12: 9:33; Mile 13: 10:01; Mile 15: 10:17; Mile 16: 9:44)

I'm actually happy I suffered through this run because I'm confident that if race day has anything close to nice conditions, it's going to be a good day.

Fuel for the run included the following. I ended up only using three Gus. I'm learning my stomach reacts better when I space my fuel out a little more. I had one Gu at mile 5, one at mile 10 and one at mile 15. The smart water mixture and 1/2 banana were enjoyed post run... 

And I wore the outfit I think I'm going to wear on race day as long as it doesn't decide to become winter again. First rule of race day: NEVER TRY ANYTHING NEW! Since the shorts are new, I wanted to try them out on a long run prior to race day... 

Week 13 recap: 

Sunday: Rest; Monday: Spin - 53 minutes; Tuesday: 8 treadmill (somewhat tempo) miles; Wednesday: 7 outdoor race pace miles; Thursday: 5 easy effort treadmill miles; Friday: Rest; Saturday: 20 outdoor miles.

Weekly total: 40 miles - peak of the training cycle. 

March total: 141 Miles - Most ever by A LOT!

After my workout, I went and grabbed some pizza and red sangria from Tommy's. My first sangria of the season!

And I took home half a cookie. If there's ever a day to scarf down pizza and cookies, it's after running 20 miles...

Happy Easter to anyone celebrating! I hope you all enjoy yummy food and time with your families. 

Would you rather run in snow, rain or wind? Rain, but I would also take snow before wind! 

Do you wear your race day outfit prior to race day? 

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