Sunday, April 12, 2015

It's Taper Time! & Marathon Training: Week 14 Recap

Happy Game Of Thrones Day! For any new readers out there, I'm obsessed with this series. I set up my recording the other day, so I'm all ready to re-watch the episodes over and over to my heart's content...

Friday was lame, so I took myself to Whole Foods where I spent way too much money on wine and essential oils. I then enjoyed a girlie night with some magazines and prepared for my run on Saturday. Fun Fact: pure lavender oil cost $27. Zen is not cheap, people. 

Saturday morning's run was solid, but challenging. The wind was roaring again - not quite as bad as last Saturday, but it was there. I hit a couple close "stretch race goal" paces (Mile 3: 9:11; Mile 8: 9:19), but I stayed pretty conservative (9:28 average pace) 

There was a local 5K starting at 11am, so just as I hit mile 11, some really speedy runners were flying past me. I felt bad running on their course, so I ran miles 11.2 - 12 around the parking lots. It wasn't fun, but we do what we have to do. 

Week 14 recap: 

Sunday: Rest; Monday: Spin - 55 minutes + strength training; Tuesday: 7 medium effort treadmill miles; Wednesday: 6 medium effort treadmill miles; Thursday: 5 easy effort treadmill miles; Friday: Rest; Saturday: 12 outdoor miles.

Weekly total: 30 miles

I am so glad the taper is finally here because I am exhausted! I honestly felt more tired finishing 12 miles than I did after 20 miles. It's been 14 weeks of hard running, and while I still have a few runs this week and an 8 miler next Saturday before I really decrease my milage, I'm now in rest most.

And rest mode includes Saturday afternoon naps on the couch with Stella. Life is hard...

My mom hasn't been feeling well so after visiting with her for a few hours, I enjoyed dinner with some friends. Chicken Savoy for the win! 

Are you watching Game of Thrones tonight? 

Who is in taper mode? 

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