Friday, April 3, 2015

Running Always Keeps You Guessing - Triumphs & Struggles

Happy Friday! I'm just sitting over here obsessing over tomorrow's 20 mile run. My obsession will slowly turn to panic as the day progresses. Fun fact: tomorrow is supposed to have 25 mile an hour winds by noon. The only silver lining is that it could potentially be windy/raining/hailing/snowing on race day, so tomorrow's run will have me prepared for whatever comes my way in a few short weeks.

On Wednesday, I was able to get in 7 miles at the park. Per usual, I was planning on 7 easy miles, but I always seem to go faster outside than on the treadmill. Once I realized I was doing a race pace run, I stuck it out till the end. I PR'd my 10K on my Garmin, but my actual PR is 56:34 from September, 2011. I was really happy to see that I'm just about where I was, fitness-wise, when I was doing some of my best running (most of my PRs are from late 2011-mid 2012). Now it's time to improve even more. 

It's just about spring! 

My work breakfast of choice lately as been my normal oatmeal goodness with the addition of an apple. After working out in the morning, I have a quick PB/rice cake recovery snack and commute to work. By the time I arrive, I'm starving, and this breakfast always fills me right up.. 

Thursday morning was one of those days. I woke up in the middle of the night not feeling great and couldn't get back to sleep. I finally did, but then slept through my workout alarm. I got to the gym later than normal and was able to complete the "5 easy miles" workout that was scheduled for the day, but they were tough and I was extra tired the rest of the day. 

Sometimes life happens and you figure out ways to work with it. For me, my workouts are the most important thing right now (sorry friends/social life/Stella) - I needed to get in those easy miles to shake out my legs from Wednesday's pace run - but you sometimes have to adjust your day depending on what life brings. I worked a little later and looked just presentable enough to not be sent home :) 

Afterwork drinks and chips with spinach artichoke dip after a long week make it all worth it... 

Did you have any workout triumphs/struggles this week? 

What distance are you tackling this weekend? 

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