Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tapering Is Weird & The Start Of The Birthday Weekend!

Good morning! And what a gorgeous morning it is. It's supposed to be 75 and sunny today, so I'm up super early (for me) to get my final "longish" run in. 8 miles and then it's rest time.

My constant thought this past week has been "tapering is weird." I've somewhat tapered before, but it was always the week leading up to a Half Marathon and I would run a few miles here and there and then race. With marathon training, you start tapering three weeks out. You still run a fair amount of miles for those first two weeks (Three weeks from race day - reduce milage to 85% of max; Two weeks from race day - reduce milage to 70% of max), but it still feels odd to no longer be running tons of miles. I can't recall if I posted this before, but here's a great article on marathon tapering.

Wednesday's workout was 4 miles on the treadmill. I ran a slow warmup mile (9:40) and then close to race pace (9:05) for the rest of the run...

Thursday's run was 3 itty bitty miles (I did 30 minutes) with a few 2% inclines thrown in. I finished my workout with 15 minutes of strength training. I'm not going to go crazy with the weights during this final taper week because I haven't been consistent with strength training throughout my training cycle. There's no need to show up on race day with a bunch of new aches from muscles that haven't been worked in 16 weeks. I will however do a few squats here and there to get those fickle hips of mine in racing shape...

On Thursday night, I met my good friend for dinner in Asbury Park. She's an accountant, so we celebrated the end of her busy season with a fantastic dinner at Cross and Orange. We shared three appetizer instead of ordering our own entrees...

And then we shared dessert because what's a celebration without sugar?

Friday was a normal rest day and after work I had a little start of the birthday weekend wine on my balcony. I took off Monday for my birthday, so I have a nice three day weekend ahead of me. 

Enjoy your Saturday, friends! 

Who is running on this gorgeous spring morning? 

Are you doing anything fun this weekend? 

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