Friday, April 24, 2015

The Training Cycle Is Over & A Little Sprained Toe

And then there were no workouts left till the big race! A big part of me wanted to at least take a Spin class today to sweat a little one last time, but I figured the training plan knows what it's doing. So no more workouts until Sunday when I go run 26.2 itty bitty miles.




I basically had the biggest racing scare of my life this week, and almost don't want to talk about it, but I figure if I have a really bad day Sunday, everyone will know why. On Monday night, I walked into a piece of furniture in my living room (100% sober) and either broke or sprained my left pinky toe. I couldn't make this up if I wanted to.

So instead of the taper week being all easy runs and nervous butterflies, I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in flat out panic mode. I still got my runs in and only felt my toe a little, but a marathon is a whole lot different than a 30 minute run. It wasn't until Thursday when my toe started feeling better that I began to relax a little. I have iced it, soaked it in Epson salts, buddy taped it, soaked it again in arnica salts, and iced it again.

I'm running no matter what on Sunday, but I honestly think with the next two days of rest, it will be okay. Seriously - who has a perfect 16 week training cycle and stubs their toe the week of the race?!?!

My new best friend...

I've been adding in a few additional calories this week, but mostly just trying to eat healthy. I'm cutting back on my veggies starting today and adding in as many carbs as I can find. I also enjoyed several sweet potatoes and bananas this week. Potassium overload...

Oh and this was a nice reminder yesterday morning. I can't believe it's finally here!

Now it's time to work and rest, rest, rest! Have a great start to your weekend, everyone! 

Who's racing this weekend? 

Have you ever hurt yourself the week of the race? Or is that just me? 

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