Friday, May 1, 2015

So What Happens Now? A Little Time Off!

Happy first day of May, friends! In awesome news only I care about, I can now add this bumper sticker to my car...

It's been very weird not waking up at dark:30 every morning and working out before going to the office, but my body is appreciating the break.

I was 100% expecting to feel sore after the marathon, but I didn't realize how long the soreness would linger. I'm just now able to walk downstairs without cringing, and I feel like I'm almost back to normal. The thing that shocked me the most was how run down I felt afterwards. I'm not sure why this never occurred to me, but apparently your immune system can be severely compromised after running a marathon - some people even catch the flu the week after. I spent my day off Monday running errands, and then napping/lying on the couch and watching movies the rest of the night. I also cannot get enough sleep. I slept for 8.5 hours last night and still woke up feeling like it was 2am and not 6 this morning.

Since I haven't been working out, I've been finding other ways to occupy my time. This is a pile of unread magazines - I've been busy! - so I plan to catch up on some fitness and fashion reading...

I've also been doing lots and lots of this... 

So what happens now? 

I've taken a break from all exercise except light walking for most of this week. I really want to do some Spin on Saturday morning, so I'll probably start working out again then. Next week, I'm still taking a break from running, but will be cross training. My plan is to run again on Saturday, May 9th - one day short of 2 weeks. We'll see if I can hold out that long. I just have to keep telling myself that I put my body through A LOT last Sunday. It needs time to heal.

After this nice break, my plan is to ease back into running 3 days a week and cross training 2 for a little while. I miss doing other workouts like the StairMaster, and I want to take advantage of some classes at my gym (kickboxing or bootcamp, maybe?) before training for whatever the Fall has in store starts up again. I also really want to get better at the whole strength training thing and plan to spend some mornings working with the weights a lot more. After 16 weeks of a strict workout plan, I'm ready to mix things up a bit.

I won't linger on this, but I also have plans to clean up my diet. I was so nervous to adjust my diet at all during training because I didn't want to compromise my long runs, but now that the race is over, I can experiment a little more. I am definitely not going to restrict anything, but I'm going to be eating a lot cleaner during the month of May and experimenting with new, healthy food ideas (thank you, Pinterest).

A healthy work breakfast

What's your favorite thing to pin on Pinterest?

Is anyone taking a running break? 

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