Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sweat Is Fat Crying & A Summer Reading List

Happy weekend, everyone! This is my first week of running 4 days again (assuming I get through today), so I feel like I'm just about back to fighting form.

I mentioned the last time we chatted that I took a much needed rest day on Tuesday. I then was ready to tackle 6 miles bright and early Wednesday morning. The humidity was out of control this week. Both Wednesday and Thursday's runs had me drowning in my own sweat by the time I was finished. And I just figure all of you want to see what that looks like :)

Thursday's run was supposed to be an "easy" 4 miles. I can nail easy runs on the treadmill no problem because you set the pace and just zone out. I'm finding it much harder to slow down, especially the first couple of miles, when running outside, but I did a pretty decent job. Again, I had to take the close up because I haven't sweat this much in workouts since last summer. Sweat is fat crying, right? 

I found a new to me Quest bar flavor at GNC the other day that was the yummiest thing ever. I am a huge fan of all things mint chocolate chip, so when I saw this, I knew I had to try... 

Summer is quickly approaching (or maybe it's here?), so I'm getting together my summer reading list. Amazon always has a good list to browse through if you want suggestions. I've been slacking on the reading lately, so I'm excited to read some smart, beach friendly books over the next few months... 

On Friday, I took a rest day. I'm trying to get back to resting the day before my Saturday runs because my body responds really well to them. After work, I went down to visit my main man. I swear he's already so much bigger than when I saw him last Sunday... 

And then we feasted... 

Chinese food and snuggles was the extent of my rowdy Friday night. And I enjoyed every second of it. Cheers to being old! 

What's on your summer reading list? 

How were your runs this week? 

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