Monday, June 8, 2015

Back On The Workout Horse - The Weekend Recap

And it feels so good to be back! After a much too long break last week, I'm back to my regularly scheduled workouts. On Saturday morning, I went for a 6 mile run around the neighboring towns. I was on a tight schedule and figured it was quicker to do 3 miles out and back from my front door than to drive to the park.

Note to self: Don't take 4 days off in a row again unless you just finished a marathon. This run was hard work!

I took an ice bath to cool down and rest my muscles and decided multitasking was necessary since I was running late. Be honest, you have totally ate your breakfast sitting in an ice bath before too...

Fast forward to Saturday night. The weather was perfect, so I enjoyed a little wine on my balcony... 

My little Stella girl turned 3 on Saturday, so I chased her around for the perfect picture. I think this one sums up our relationship best... 

On Sunday morning, I went back to the gym for the first time in a while. Since the sun rises so early, a lot of my runs have been completed outside. I don't stress about getting to the gym too much in the summer since I'm there 5-6 days/week in the winter. The time evens out. 

52 minutes of Spin, 12 minutes of weights, lots of minutes of head standing... 

And I made sure to get in some foal rolling fun while chatting with you lovely people last night, because my legs have been too tight. Tight legs = challenging runs. Have a great start to your week, everyone! 

How were your workouts this weekend? 

Did you do anything fun? 

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