Saturday, July 11, 2015

It's Race Day! & The Treadmill Is The Answer

Happy weekend, everyone! I'm up pretty early this morning, because I'm racing the Belmar 5. I've never ran this race before, but I hear it's a lot of fun. I think we run along the ocean for a while, so that should be a beautiful view. If you have nothing to do this morning, come sign up and run with us!

My only race goal is to finish in under 50 minutes. I would love to use this race as a speed workout - Mile 1 - warm-up; Miles 2-5 - 8:50-8:30 - however, my outdoor runs haven't been great lately, so I'm just going to see what happens...

The start and finish will be at Silver Lake Park in Belmar. It's quite pretty around there... 

Let's rewind to Wednesday's workout, because it made me so happy. As stated above and in the past 10 posts, the heat is kicking my butt. I'm not sure why, but I feel like I'm struggling more this year than I did last summer. 

It was really starting to mess with my head. Have I lost the capability to run?? So I moved my run indoors, and hallelujah, I was able to nail a 7 mile run - my longest run in a while! It felt so good! I know I have to move my long runs back outside eventually (September sounds good :)), but if the treadmill is my answer to a solid workout, I'm using it! 

I made the last of my Blue Apron meals the other day, but I didn't make the entire meal. Instead of a Fried Green Tomato burger, I just cut up the tomato and served in on the side along with my enchilada leftovers. I did roast the sweet potatoes, however, and covered them in the miso dressing and they were fantastic!

I think I need to start taking better food pics :) 

My marathon training plan (training starts 3 weeks from tomorrow!) has me running easy on Fridays and then running my long runs on Saturdays. I'm a little nervous about no longer having a rest day prior to my long run days, so I am testing it out these next few weeks. I ran 5 slow miles on the treadmill on Friday morning knowing full well I was racing today. Yesterday's 5 felt great. I'll let you know later how today's run goes... 

I went out last night for a pre-race pasta meal and ask the waiter to box my leftovers. When I got home, I realized this was all that was left. Have I mentioned I like food? 

Is anyone racing this weekend? 

How many days per week do you run? My upcoming training plan will have me running 5 days/week. My last plan was only 4 days/week. 

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