Sunday, July 19, 2015

Slowing Down Is The Answer & Summer Cravings Satisfied!

I have to check, but I think I have a very similar title to a post from around a year ago when my runs were suffering from the heat. You think I would learn my lesson, but nope!

I was off on Friday (I'm off Monday too - yay!), so I decided to wake up early (cause that's what normal people do on their days off), and try to beat the heat for 7 miles outside. It was just too nice outside to go on the treadmill.

I ran 5 miles along the paved trails and 2 miles on the dirt trails. This run was tough! - the sun beating down was hot - but I never stopped and finished all 7 miles. Disclaimer: There is NOTHING wrong with taking walking breaks - sometimes it's necessary and even more helpful. I know I get a lot of energy after a walk break and sometimes have a better run. My issue is I start too fast and burn out. I know my body and what I'm capable of, but you do you!

Anywhoo, a couple of these miles were above 10 min miles - I think I lost my GPS signal for a tad in the woods - but slowing down was what I needed to finish strong.

After my run, I went and visited B-man for his 2 month birthday! How is he 2 months already?! He seemed pretty content... 

Later in the day, I got my nails done. I'm seriously on a roll with this... 

And then ate the best Mexican food I've had in a LONG time. El Meson in Freehold. Go there now. 

On Saturday, I went to the gym for a quick 4.2 mile run, and the most annoying treadmill problem in the world happened. You're sprinting to finish your last .30 miles and your stomach hits the emergency button again (this happened a few weeks back too). I guess that means I wasn't going fast enough :)

After my run, I went over to the weights area for a little bit of strength training. I can feel the strength workouts paying off (the weights aren't as difficult to handle), so I'm hoping I can keep this up a few days a week... 

I went and visited with some family and friends and made my way to the Patio Bar for Happy Hour. This place is usually packed, but I guess the rain earlier in the day scared people away. I finally had my lobster roll that I've been craving all summer long... 

And the view was pretty great too...

Have a great, Sunday, everyone! 

How were your runs this weekend?

What's the best thing you ate? Lobster! 

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